Barru Silk has a litter to Barclays Max

On the 4th of December 2014 Barru Silk gave birth to 10 healthy black and tan pups. The litter was sired by Barclays Max. Silk has done an excellent job at raising this litter as all the pups have grown into large healthy bonnie pups. We have also been supplementing them for the past week as it is such a large litter, taking a little pressure of Silk.

These pups should turn into allrounders, as the mother is an excellent worker in the paddock with nice eye, balance with quick footwork and breakout. Silk also works the yard with huge push and force with occasional bark when needed.

Max also has good cover and balance but works a little close in the paddock. Max has a deep booming bark that’s excellent at moving sticky lambs into the shed and backs when needed.

The litter will be registered with Working Kelpie Council of Australia and has been wormed reguraly. they will be ready on the 20th of January 2014 after being vet checked, vaccinated and tattooed.

Each pup also comes with a 12 month guarenteed to work.