» Reg. No – 51897
» Tattoo – NO52B
» DOB 16/05/2008


Billy is a big boned dog with good cast in the paddock and strong force in the yard added with a clean nose bit. An extremely smart dog that reads sheep well and anticipates stock movements. When working in the yards not much gets passed him, a strong block and push type dog with limited bark, barks only when really needed. A very loyal and friendly dog that wants to please.

» Reg. No – 58088
» Tattoo – JMB50E
» DOB 01/06/2011

Barclays Max

Max is a strong yard dog with a deep bark. plenty of force and keen work ethic.He’ll stand up to the most stubborn ram, while still being gentle enough to work ewes and lambs in the paddock. He’s not a real strong eye dog but does cover and balance well.

» Reg. No – 58016
» Tattoo – DMK14F
» DOB 25/08/2012

Delamak Diesel

Diesel’s a young up and coming sire that is showing enormous potential, with a very layed back attitude until working sheep. When in the yards he pushes hard when needed, barking freely and just started to back on his own. In the paddock he settles down well with good distance off his stock, covering his sides well and at a steady pace.

» Reg. No – TBA
» Tattoo – KH11G
» DOB 03/05/2013

Karana Oska

Oska has only been with us a very short while and settling in well. He has only seen sheep twice but shows good instinct and interest, trying to get to the head and covering his stock well. We will let him grow a little more while putting him on the training mob to help him gain confidence and his instinct to develop.